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Fat Cutter powder

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Fat Cutter powder is different from any other weight loss or fat burning pills available in the market. The powder is 100% Ayurvedic and is a formulation of natural ingredients which makes it reliable and trustworthy.

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From changing your diet to exercising daily, going to gyms, long workouts and training schedules, if you have tried them all and nothing has worked so far, then it’s time you try fat cutter powder. Though there are many weight losing medicines in the market, however, they are all mostly chemical based. Fat Cutter, on the other hand, is an herbal formula that helps you lose excess fat from your body without compromising on your food. It includes rare herbs that not just work on reducing your weight but also helps in improving your health. Fat cutter is safe and natural and can be used by all. It works faster and provides an easy way to deal with obesity-related difficulties and complications. It helps in strengthening the immune system of the body and boosts metabolism levels in the body.
Fat Cutter is good for people of all age groups and gender and is not chemical based. Once you start consuming fat cutter you will start to see results with a few weeks. You will regain your confidence, health and will be able to work easily and effortlessly.


  1. Efficient Weight Loss
  2. Helps in removing fat and cellulite
  3. Improves Immunity
  4. Natural and Safe
  5. Increases Metabolism
  6. Removes Toxins
  7. No Side Effects
  8. Beneficial for Men and Women


Due to accumulation of excessive fat in the body, a person can become prone to a number of diseases. Fat cutter is an Ayurvedic formula with no side effects. It works by melting the stubborn cellulite layer which gets deposited in the body and causes obesity. It aids in burning excess fat from the stomach and helps you get the perfect fit body you desire. Fat Cutter is among the best Ayurvedic fat burning herbal remedy which helps removes the toxins from the body, boosts metabolism and increases immunity.

Fat Cutter is a blend of thermogenic and metabolism enhancement ingredients like Giloy, Guggal, Nagarmotha, Yashtimadhu, Jeera, Shunthi, Vilaiti Imli and Trifla. These components not only aid in getting rid of the unwanted fat but are also useful in treating health disorders associated with obesity and excessive fat. After consuming the powder, it mobilizes and stimulates the release of stored fat in the body and melts the fat.


Each 100gms of Fat Cutter contains:

Giloy 10g
Guggal 20g
Nagarmotha 10g
Yashtimadhu 10g
Jeera 10g
Shunthi 10g
Vilaiti Imli 15g
Trifla 15g

Package Content

3 X 100gms bottles




The scientific name of ‘Giloy’ is ‘Tinospora Cordifolia’ and in Ayurveda is also called as ‘Guduchi.’ The herb in Ayurveda is known to balance the three doshas, i.e., Vata, Pita, and Kapha. Giloy has many medicinal benefits including helping in weight loss. The herb is an antioxidant which boosts immunity by increasing efficiency of the white blood cells.



Also known as Commiphora Mukul and is used in cases of obesity induced by high levels of lipids. Guggul is known in Ayurveda for its ability to eliminate excessive weight; boost cells, balance blood cholesterol and enhance the performance of the liver.



The scientific name of ‘Nagarmotha’ is ‘Cyperus Rotundus’ and is considered an excellent natural remedy for treating digestive disorders, gastroenteritis, and weight loss. The oil of the herb when massaged and applied on affected areas penetrates the skin, burns the body fat and helps in discarding toxic substances from the body through sweat and urine.



Licorice in English, Mulethi in Hindi are known as Yashtimadhu. It is an herb with amazing medicinal and health benefits. Yashtimadhu has anti-obesity and anti-oxidant properties and helps in weight loss.



Cumin Seed is an effective natural ingredient for weight loss. It speeds up the burning of calories by increasing digestion and metabolism rate. Besides weight loss, cumin reduces bad cholesterol, boosts digestion, and prevents gas and bloating.
Cumin helps to detoxify the body and kick-start the immune system naturally.



Ginger is a potent medicine used for elevating overall body condition. The herb is used to wash excess liquid from the body in the form of sweat, urine, and saliva. It stimulates the digestive system and improves its function and enhances blood circulation.


Vilaiti Imli

Vilaiti Imli is also known as Garcinia Cambogia and has recently become a popular natural weight loss herb. It contains hydroxycitric acids that help in weight control and is also used as an appetite suppressant. It is an effective herbal supplement to control obesity and cholesterol by inhibiting lipogenesis in the body.



Triphala is yet another powerful Ayurvedic solution for weight especially abdominal obesity. A blend of three fruits – Amla, Haritaki, and Bibhitaka, Triphala is beneficial toward inflammation and improved lean body mass. It detoxifies the body, curbs the levels of excessive sugars in blood, and eliminates fluid retention.


Fat Cutter is one such efficient Ayurvedic formula that helps you lose the unwanted fat and cellulite in your body. It is made with 100% Ayurvedic herbs and hence is completely safe to use. Fat Cutter consists of ingredients like Giloy, Guggal, Nagarmotha, Yashtimadhu, Jeera, Shunthi, Vilaiti Imli and Trifla. All these ingredients together help in dissolving the stubborn fat deposited in between the layers of our body. Fat Cutter not only eliminates the excess fat from the body but also improves overall increase in metabolism and increases the immunity level of the body.

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How to use

Take 5 to 10gms (1 to 2 teaspoons) mixed with water after meals twice a day.
It is advised not to consume anything for at least half an hour after taking fat cutter.
*Results may vary from person to person


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